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Welcome to our new development site — it’ll change as we go (currently this site contains snippets of content from the existing site:

We are launching a new two-year development program to help connect people with DCD’s digital collection.

And. It’s not just about ‘building a site’ but building something that is open, scalable, repeatable and brings together a wide community of practice (a ‘Constellation’) to engage in developing for everyone.

If you’ve been involved in a related initiative, we want to build upon it, and—being open—help take your work forward too. Got a project that is 90% complete? Maybe we could bridge some of that last mile together?

Find out more and sign up right now

Please help us connect to people who are interested in any of the following areas:

  • Dance & culture
  • Archives & history
  • Digital collections and how we can build things that people want to use
  • Developing online communities that can connect with each other around the world
  • Developing a groundbreaking approach to archives, how they are used and accessed
  • Teachers, lecturers, students and others who are interested in learning

Please forward this link to anyone and ask them to do the same. Given everyone is sitting at home at the moment, we think it’s a great time to be starting this work!

28 thoughts on “Sign up! Sign up! Join Us!

  1. As I am the sister of Murray Farr, I keep meaning to write about his life. Your archives include a lot of material left after his death (1992) & if I could access it digitally, I just might work on this project ! Many who knew him keep urging me to write a book about his colourful life.

  2. Hi there!
    I am registering with my Eponymous brand, but I have a couple of others (ie Company605, DanceHouse, Kidd Pivot, Wen Wei Dance) that are also embedded within this one.

  3. This is terrific and I think you were already ahead of the curve on this

  4. This is wonderful. Thanks to the tiny ambitious team for making this very important initiative possible.

  5. Great!
    Looking forward to the years to come, while looking back.

  6. Great idea – a rich history of dance in Canada to share. Happy to help.

  7. A wonderful initiative!. This is a much needed resource – providing members of the dance community the ability to pass little known dance focused information forward to the next generation of dancers.

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