Webinar #1 summary

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Over 50 people joined our inaugural webinar from across the country

It was a pleasure to welcome you all to the launch of DCD Digital at the ‘Hello World’ webinar. Thanks so much for coming along. It was great to see so many of you. 

We found it a really useful and inspiring conversation. With discussions ranging from creating a living and active archive, how to capture this and where to tell this story to the ‘weird magical thinking’ that surrounds digitised material — that is if it’s digitised ‘it’s safe for all time’. 

The threads which ran throughout the webinar were:

  • Accessibility
  • Sharing
  • Collaboration

as well as your energy and enthusiasm. 

For us the webinar has sparked many ideas including:

  • Producing a user guide on simple steps to creating a digital archive
  • Using tags to find and link dance material 
  • Creating a FAQ 
  • Future webinars addressing specific questions and topics

We have already created a test site with images called Dosido. It has automated tagging and description. It makes uploading, searching for and finding items so simple. We really want you to be involved in testing this. More details coming soon.

The ‘Hello World’ webinar was an amazing starting point in creating a digital-first archive which everyone can use. We hope that you found it inspiring too. From the conversation we had and the stories you shared, you certainly did.

We would love to have your stories to share on the DCD development website.

Please send them to

What have been your experiences with digital archives so far? What would you like to see? What has inspired you? Your ideas? 

We are building a DCD Constellation. A community which share, collaborate and engage with one another.

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