What supporters of Dance Collection Danse have to say

Veronica Tennant

“I have long held Miriam Adams, Co-founder/Director of Dance Collection Danse, in the highest regard for what she and her late husband Lawrence Adams envisioned and have achieved with their creatively progressive dance archives. The visionary and innovative activities of the organization continue to impress me which is why I agreed to become an Honorary Advisor of DCD.”

— Veronica Tennant, C.C., Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, former Prima Ballerina with The National Ballet of Canada and founder of Veronica Tennant Productions, awarded honorary doctorates from: Brock University, York University, Simon Fraser University and the University of Toronto, received: the Toronto Arts Award, the Arts and Letters Award from The Canadian Club of New York City, the Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts and the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2001, has choreographed for: The Canadian Stage Company, Tarragon Theatre and The Stratford Festival, has performed with the Shaw Festival and on film for Rhombus Media, author of two children’s books.

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Vincent Warren

“The exceptional work achieved by Dance Collection Danse is astounding for its amplitude and pertinence to the art form to which it is devoted. The importance of history can never be underestimated and especially so in an art form as ephemeral as dance. Early Canadian dance was almost forgotten until Lawrence and Miriam Adams began their groundbreaking work. Their global view was matched by an innovative approach to documentation. The collection of memories and artefacts of our heritage were stored archivally with new computer technology.

DCD’s brilliant website makes many studies of Canadian dance history readily available. The publication of the magazine and books, including the Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada and the many biographies of some of our pioneers has been unmatched and permits the future generations of Canadian dance artists to profit from the experience of these artistic ancestors. The knowledge of history is primordial in all art forms and DCD has fulfilled an important task through its multiple projects. I salute Miriam Adams and DCD’s Director of Collections and Research Amy Bowring and hope that their work will be encouraged and supported in any way possible”

— Vincent Warren, C.M., founder of La Bibliothèque de la Danse Vincent-Warren at the École supérieure de ballet contemporain, former dancer with: the Santa Fe Opera, Pennsylvania Ballet, Le Théâtre Français de la Danse, the Cologne Opera Ballet, Le Groupe de la Place Royale and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, former president of Le Regroupement Québécois de la danse, received the Prix Denise Pelletier in 1992.

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Jean Grand-Maître

“They say a civilization void of culture is usually erased from history. An even greater tragedy would be the loss of a civilization’s rich culture through neglect. Dance Collection Danse’s efforts to preserve and archive the vibrant and groundbreaking legacy of Canada’s internationally acclaimed artists is as important to our culture as the creators’ repertoire. I applaud them for their valiant efforts and for being such excellent caretakers of an often neglected art form. Canada’s dance artists have often represented our country’s soul on every continent of the world with integrity and dignity. Lest we forget.”

— Jean Grand-Maître, Artistic Director of Alberta Ballet, independent choreographer, former dancer with Ballet British Columbia and Theatre Ballet of Canada.

Mr. Grand-Maître:


Max Wyman

“What [Lawrence and Miriam Adams] and their growing band of associates have created is a testament to tireless industry, unflagging belief, and the generosity and gratitude of a national community of dance that sees Dance Collection Danse as the ultimate repository of its ongoing story … DCD has also been responsible for the appearance of more than three dozen books (and counting) on Canadian dance, many of which would probably not otherwise have seen the light of day.”

— Max Wyman, O.C., author of a number of books of Canadian history, biography and criticism, including 2004’s The Defiant Imagination: Why Culture Matters.

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Grant Strate

“I have personally benefited from this organization, having had two books published about my career as dancer, choreographer, teacher and advocate for dance. But I am just one of the many artists who have written or been written about over the years. And to add to this achievement, one must recognize the large film and video collection DCD has acquired and actual restaging of past choreographic works for public presentation for the benefit of the generations to come.”

— The late Grant Strate, C.M., was a dancer, choreographer and Artistic Assistant with The National Ballet of Canada, founding chair of York University’s dance department, former director of the Simon Fraser University School of the Contemporary Arts, founding chair of the Dance in Canada Association, founding chair of the Vancouver Dance Centre, former president of the World Dance Alliance – Americas.

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Ann Kipling Brown

“The Canadian dance world has benefited greatly from the leadership of Miriam and Lawrence Adams and the work of the many staff and volunteers of Dance Collection Danse. As a dance educator and passionate follower of what has been and what is happening in dance, I can say that DCD has provided me with the context and information regarding dance in Canada. The website and the many published texts make resources available for our students and teachers.”

– Ann Kipling Brown, Ph.D. is Professor Emerita of the University of Regina having worked for many years in the Arts Education program in the Faculty of Education. She works extensively with children, youth and adults and leads classes in technique, composition, and notation. Her research and publications focus on dance pedagogy, the integration of notation in dance programs, the application of technology in dance education, and the role of dance in the child’ and adult’s lived world.


Margie Gillis

“What is a Canadian? This question is one of our national pastimes, and truly deserves answering. A way to learn about who we are is by sharing the remarkable talents and contributions of people who have shaped our culture, people who have defined who we are to ourselves and to others. Dance Collection Danse holds, embraces and shares the legacy of dance for our country and the world. I am asking you to support the most ephemeral of arts by supporting those who embrace and solidify its memory and future.”

— Margie Gillis, C.M., dancer, choreographer and teacher, creator of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, laureate of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, named Canadian cultural ambassador in 1981 and Quebec cultural ambassador in 1985, 2008 winner of the Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts, received insignia of the Ordre National du Quebec in 2009, first recipient of the MAD Spirit Award for Exceptional Humanitarian Actions by an Artist from the Stella Adler Studio of New York.

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Anne Flynn

“The work of archiving embodied practices like dance gives us a chance to capture distinct historical moments in the evolution of our “Canadian-ness,” and provides opportunities to analyze and reflect upon the ways that dance both internalizes and pushes forward cultural norms. Archiving and historicizing dance completes the cycle that begins when someone unlocks the studio door and enters.”

— Anne Flynn, former Professor at the University of Calgary, former dancer with the Richard Bull Dance Theatre, choreographer, writer, film producer, co-founder of Dance Connection magazine, former president of the Alberta Dance Alliance, former provincial chair of the Alberta CAHPER committee.

Ms. Flynn:


Gerry Gilbert-Gray

“Each time I receive a new copy of DCD Magazine in the mail, download an archival copy from the web, crack open my Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada or some other publication made available thanks to Dance Collection Danse, I am blown away by the memories I didn’t even know I had – names, faces, events, descriptions … I want to encourage everyone to support the amazing work Miriam and her colleagues are doing at Dance Collection Danse, but more importantly, I want to warn you not to rely on them (or your mother, or your partner, or anyone else for that matter), to collect your history. There will come a day when you will care and be glad you did preserve it.”

– Gerry Gilbert-Gray, former dancer with Les Feux-Follets, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and the Charlottetown Festival, specialist in Highland Dancing.


Iris E.C. Bliss

“Dance Collection Danse has been functioning since 1986. With its presence, we in the dance world have the feeling that our history is being looked after. DCD is in touch with every aspect of the dance world and is using all possible technologies to record and restore our Canadian dance scene and keep it for future generations. This undertaking is very valuable and should be supported by all who believe in our country and who believe in the value of the arts.”

— Iris E.C. Bliss, former Associate Professor and Dance Supervisor at the University of Toronto


Linde Howe-Beck

“As Dance Collection Danse helped legitimize Canadian dance in publications, documentaries and performances, it convinced even those closest to the dance — from choreographers and dancers to audiences — that not only did Canada have a dance history but they were its contributors … DCD is Canadian dance’s anchor, prod and mirror. A vital part of Canada’s arts landscape, its importance cannot be over-stated. For making us aware of our history, DCD is a national treasure.”

— Linde Howe-Beck, journalist, writer, critic

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Susan Macpherson

“With Dance Collection Danse at the forefront of dance archiving, with their extraordinary achievements in Canadian dance publishing, and with their current teaching about optimal archival practices for dance, future generations of dance scholars and aspiring dancers will have access to a fantastic resource for study and research, and will not need to waste precious time reinventing the wheel. The organization gives a magnificent gift to the rich, abundant, and rapidly developing world of dance in this country.”

— Susan Macpherson, former dancer with Toronto Dance Theatre and the Danny Grossman Dance Company, former teacher at the Université du Québec à Montréal, and is the Artistic Associate at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Ms. Macpherson:


Marc Boivin

“Dans leur diversité, les travaux en préservation au Canada partagent un souci de notre patrimoine chorégraphique. A présent, la question est opportune. Depuis la fondation de la maison d’archives et d’édition Dance Collection Danse (DCD) en 1986, une vision canadienne a vu le jour; elle est articulée et prête à être intégrée à une perspective élargie de la définition de la dance. DCD est au cœur de cette vision. Elle rassemble les personnes tout en facilitant des activités régionales. Ces activités doivent nécessairement se développer dans leurs propres milieux, et documenter et mettre en contexte les voix provenant de ceux-ci. Chaque effort particulier parle d’une approche singulière au patrimoine chorégraphique et est en soi un acte de création. Mais encore, un centre de recherche en honneur de la danse canadienne, un lieu reconnu pour accéder au patrimoine, est tout aussi important. Se retrouver pour échanger sur nos voix et nos perspectives est au cœur du travail de préservation présenter la diversité d’expression, de pensée, d’identité au fil du temps et des lieux.”

— Marc Boivin, independent dancer and choreographer, teacher at LADMMI, l’école de danse contemporaine and Chairperson Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault.

Extract from: “Patrimoine et mémoire – une déclaration.” The Dance Current, 12(2), p.16-19.

M Boivin

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Allana Lindgren

“Dance Collection Danse is a unique organization. It is the only institution in Canada to collect archival materials solely related to the history of dance in this country. Its administrators have an expert knowledge of dance history and have earned the trust of the professional dance community and scholars across Canada. No other dance organization, domestically or internationally, has undertaken such a diverse range of activities that includes preservation initiatives, book publishing, research facilitation and educational outreach. Dance Collection Danse not only collects the nation’s dance treasures, it is a national dance treasure.”

— Allana Lindgren, Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria, Ph.D. from the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama at the University of Toronto

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Ms. Lindgren: